LED fluorescent tubes and energy saving fluorescent tubes function cf

2014-09-17 256

Lamp, also known as fluorescent tubes, is followed by the birth of such a fluorescent light source occurred! So called fluorescent tubes, than incandescent bright, and there is a wide variety of shapes, such as U-type, D-type, as well as the most common T5, T8 lamps, home, units, factories, shops, shopping malls, underground parking , conference rooms, classrooms, etc. should be used. Fluorescent light-emitting principle is activated through the high-pressure mercury vapor inside the tube, the wall of the lamp phosphors announced visible light. Fluorescent tubes typically include stents, electronic ballasts, light body, the plug number components. Despite the relatively incandescent, fluorescent tubes bright, energy saving, longer life expectancy, but fluorescent tubes, there are also fragile, heavy pollution, such as the lack of flash, which is now gradually being replaced by this new light source LED lamp, LED lamp increasingly become mainstream. I, on the LED lamps LED lamps, also known as LED light tube, LED fluorescent tube, LED lamp, LED light source of their choice as a luminous body, LED is a way to convert electrical energy into visible light semiconductor, which is different from incandescent tungsten silk-emitting light-emitting phosphors with energy-saving lamps, but use of electric light, directly converts electrical energy into light! Thus higher efficiency, more energy efficient, in addition, there is the pure light color, brightness, color temperature is adjustable, non-red ultraviolet radiation, do not recruit mosquitoes, no pollution, no flicker, long life and other advantages of the number, plus the LED lamp shape, size, interface with the traditional fluorescent tubes same, thus replacing fluorescent energy-saving lamps in the fast ground. Second, the standard scale commonly used varieties of lamps T5, T8 lamps, the primary difference between the two is not the same as the diameter of the power is also different, T5 tube diameter is 16mm, T8 tube diameter of 25.4mm, common length of 0.3m, 0.6m, 0.9m and 1.2m. LED lamp, in addition to the split tube, since the LED light source of their own strengths, but also the birth of the lamp holder integration of the lamp, like between T5, T8 integrated lamp, the lamp can be used as well as seamless joints convergence! This fluorescent tubes but not fantasy! In addition to these types, and now also the birth of sound and light control, body sensors, radar sensors and other varieties of LED lamp, use become more widespread, the development prospects of even more beautiful.

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