A status LED fluorescent tubes save electricity

2014-09-17 255

Today we use the 18W LED fluorescent tube instead of a regular 40W fluorescent tubes, no change in the brightness of the situation, the other using the same conditions and environment in full, the LED fluorescent tube power consumption and electricity situation is as follows: one day Power Consumption: 18 W × 15 hours ÷ 1000 watts = 0.27 degrees electricity: 0.27 × 1 yuan / kWh = 0.27 yuan a year consumption: 0.27 × 365 days = 98.55 degrees electricity: 98.55 × 1 yuan / kWh = 98.55 yuan a general LED lamps and fluorescent tubes cf economic situation: a 18W LED fluorescent tubes offer for 100 yuan (this offer is Yi Kun lighting reference price, the specific offer to practice product), three-year warranty! Cf the three conditions in the following table:
Secondly, 1) LED use life> 30,000 hours (usually use fluorescent tube life 6000 hours); 2) an LED tube lamp equivalent of six general use, but also saves the time and expense of artificial protection ..... thus the practice of an LED lamp to save electricity> 261.35 yuan
If your Diansi have 10? 100? 1000 lamp? Annual electricity savings would be how much ......?
At present, China's coal generation capacity, the average electricity needs of 400 grams of coal, you save electricity but also for China to do a power of work and dedication, but also to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment;
Thus, the use of LED lamps as lighting, can be considered not only save you electricity, the economic benefits of practice, cut protection, replacing trouble; but also to save the national power, cut carbon emissions, more green! Make a significant dedication to the community.

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