Four-point demand for solid-state lighting power LED package

2014-09-17 274

First, modular
After multiple LED lights (or modules) are connected to each other to complete a good lumen output overlay, satisfied the needs of high-intensity lighting. After modular skill, a plurality of point light sources or the LED module in accordance with a combination of arbitrary shape, is not satisfactory as visible lighting needs.
Second, the system power maximization
For the progress of LED lamps light power, in addition to the appropriate LED power, but also must use efficient cooling structure and skills, as well as the optimization / external optical planning to progress all the system power.
Third, low-cost
LED lamps to enter the market, you must have a competitive advantage (mainly referring to the initial unit cost) in the capital, while packaged LED lamps in all production costs accounted for a large somewhat, therefore, the choice of the new package structure and skills, improve light efficiency / cost ratio, is the key to complete the commercialization of LED lamps.
Four, easy to replace and protect
Because of the long life of the LED light source, the protection of low cost, thus the reliability of LED lighting package put forward higher requirements. LED lighting is easy to improve demand planning customary future higher power LED chip packaging demand, and demand better interchangeability of LED chips, lighting manufacturers in order to choose their own selection of the chip.

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