LED fluorescent tube lighting industry will become the new force can not be ignored

2014-09-17 244

LED as a new generation of energy saving fluorescent tube lighting products, currently in the country and more able to use some commercial lighting and engineering lighting category, in the civilian market, lower its permeability, which is why? 2013, LED fluorescent tube mall was carried out ? how it will usher in 2014 and how the challenges and opportunities of LED fluorescent tube:? gap ye so much as a new?
Generation light source, LED light source, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages of doubt. In the LED bulb, LED ceiling light, such as shopping malls and the influx of goods agile open situation, LED fluorescent tube is also not far behind. Replace the huge shopping malls, LED fluorescent tube manufacturers not ignore increasingly becoming broad knife weapon. It is reported that, LED fluorescent tube scope of the current activities, mostly commercial lighting and engineering lighting category, because the whole mall growing demand to add the company to snatch increasingly violent, thus resulting in LED fluorescent tube mall chaos.

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