Commodity great way to cut industrial metal screws

2014-09-17 351

         Metal screws mall was facing intense competition. Particularly small and medium companies is a small production company, with human, financial, and material elements of capital is very limited, the intense competition in the mall, not able to plan to win, especially not in direct opposition with the same goods and large companies. Small production company has the advantage of a professional, that deep, with fine victory, especially metal screws so the company should take the professional road expansion.

Once upon a time, many small and medium companies, after a slight expansion, we choose the road diversified operations, the results of many companies are losing, and even the closure of some companies never recovered, many companies subjected to the mall after the big wave erosion, lessons learned, and timely close hand, back line of work, to start the road back to specialization. All of these experiences can be described as very deep metal screws companies.

The reason is very simple, small and medium companies can not fully back in the main commodities and the downstream competition with larger companies, not able to get the full advantage of the skills in the main commodity areas and downstream areas, not able to establish a full-on all these areas, improve the handling system, not able to establish an infinite sale network and after-sales service network, due to the very limited capital to small and medium companies. Small companies can do, and there is also necessary to do so, just on the production of a commodity, so special, so deep, so refined, and more sophisticated skills than in the commodity large companies with operations research, more clever. Together with this emphasis on self-brand quality, abandon the use of low-quality merchandise partner to implement simple way to create their own brand, the HC Ten selection fasteners fasteners found a job working the wind, catching job before the road trip to find out at the forefront of high-quality companies to implement their convey. This is the small and medium sized companies and large corporations metal screws competition advantages locations.

In this regard, Japan's manufacturing industry has been very successful small company, is our role model. Many small companies in Japan a few decades, only to produce a commodity, specializing in a skill, a skill workout. Long time to concentrate on one area, so these companies become the leader in their respective areas. Such a skill for persistent research skills, is known to be a functional human effort, the Japanese manufacturing industry constitutes a significant feature precision, fasteners and other aspects of the world-famous HARDROCK Japanese companies is the case, it is domestic production of metal screws exceptionally worthy company learning. Japanese companies cherish together since a brand culture brand, not just commodity compact, branding the best. HC launch of online activity is dedicated to looking for the top ten domestic small and medium sized companies worth brand, help expand its implementation, together with mining operations commence subdivision direction, identify the benchmark for the entire job.

        Small and medium companies take the professional road, can obtain several advantages: First, the skill advantage, gain a leading position on a particular skill. Second, the use of power-power advantages, advancing device, avoid duplication construction. Third, apply the advantage of a relatively simple operating system produced establish an efficient handling system. As a result, small and medium sized companies will set metal screws with limited capital, since a professional specializing in areas of specialized goods, then win the race at the mall.

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