How to see the quality of combination screws

2014-09-17 364

     Quality first start together from a combination of screws screws screws wire manufacturers. Screw screw wire is a combination of the resolution quality of the first pass, the wire is not good, even in the leading production equipment, staff skills in sophisticated, they can not produce high-quality combination of screws.

     In the second look at the quality of the goods from the combined portfolio screw screw-degree view of all beautiful. Forming a combination of screws, and its screw head size, the appearance of the extent of winning flat pad, and screw thread can not stop, and so too through regulation. These are the requirements to detect out. A good combination of screws, which can reach all of the specification requirements GB, or customer needs.

     Final look is a combination of quality merchandise screw plating color from the point of view, of course, needs a combination of the screw iron plating, but a combination of stainless steel screws do not need. Some of that is the most passive, in order to add a combination of stainless steel screws carry salt spray. The combination of screws plating color, some are not controlled well, it will change a lot of color. This is not beautiful.

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